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Freight forwarder department of Circle logistics co., ltd, is mainly engaged in customs declaration and inspection, public estimation, supervision of loading and unloading, containers shipping, forwarding agent and multi-modal coordinated transportation of containers, etc. It committed to providing customers with integrated logistics solutions, helping them improve the efficiency of supply chain operation, reducing the costs, and enabling the customers to focus their superior resources on the construction and development of core competitiveness. With rich exerprince of integrated logistic services to port, it is now one of the most influential third party integrated logistics service providers in agenting agricultural imports in domestic.

The headquarter is located in Guangzhou, with branches in the port cities of south China like Zhanjiang, Qinzhou, Zhuhai, Yueyang, Nantong, Xiamen etc. Moreover, it will gradually set up new branches in the Xijiang river basin and the Yangtze river basin. Nowadays, Circle Logistics provides quality and reliable services to more than 100 domestic leading enterprises and multinational companies, 30 of which are listed companies.

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